ostro_goth: (Gotland children)
Teja son of Tagila ([personal profile] ostro_goth) wrote2017-04-30 05:08 pm

OOM: In Gotland with Bodhi Rook

It is spring in Gotland, the fields are tilled, and the livestock have young. There is more land under the plough now than in earlier years, as the homestead's children are growing up and can help till the earth, and the horses, pride and joy of the Goths living here, roam wide pastures with their young.

The barrow-hill by the sea is the only land not being worked now, circled by a fence to keep the sheep away, with a small gate for visitors to the special place where the kings from the south-lands lie in eternal slumber.

But with this barrow-hill, visiting goes both ways. As Teja opens the door, Bodhi and he are standing on the hillside, overlooking the fields and pastures, and the large longhouse in which Teja's friends live. It has been expanded since his last visit, and is almost a hall now, with out-buildings and stables and workshops, and many children about.

A group of them is sitting on the fence and staring at them as they appear.

"That is the king," an older boy with a hat explains to some of the younger ones, and they are awed, and slowly approach uphill.

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