ostro_goth: (x Forge - hammering)
Teja son of Tagila ([personal profile] ostro_goth) wrote2013-10-18 11:02 am

OOM: In the forge, for Jean Valjean

[[OOC: Immediately following this conversation]]

Teja is in the forge this evening, sharpening a new blade on his whetstone by the window.

Work goes slower without Javert; but then, on the other hand, the Goth has no war to outfit now, and he can make his swords at his leisure. This one is light and narrow, a thing that would have been used in the rennaissance or beyond, not a heavy medieval longsword.

The fire is burning low but steady, and the cats are sleeping by the hearth-stones, all four of them rolled up, with only one or two watchful eyes cracked open when a visitor enters.

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