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OOM: In the forge, for Jean Valjean

[[OOC: Immediately following this conversation]]

Teja is in the forge this evening, sharpening a new blade on his whetstone by the window.

Work goes slower without Javert; but then, on the other hand, the Goth has no war to outfit now, and he can make his swords at his leisure. This one is light and narrow, a thing that would have been used in the rennaissance or beyond, not a heavy medieval longsword.

The fire is burning low but steady, and the cats are sleeping by the hearth-stones, all four of them rolled up, with only one or two watchful eyes cracked open when a visitor enters.
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He had remembered that Teja said he worked on Security, and also in the forge. He had found the office first, due to the hour. When it was empty, he came here.

He does not know exactly what he is going to say, or even why he cares at all. Well no, this latter is not true - he would not be uncaring to hear of anyone coming to harm. What is strange is the level of unease he feels at not having been told this previously, despite the subject of his last conversation with Teja. It would be easier to just not speak of it at all.

But he would like to be more certain that Javert's apparent difficulties since coming here have nothing to do with him. Because if they are, things must be set to right.

He knocks on the forge doors, then slide his head around to look.

'Good evening, Teja.'
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He enters, and stands.

No, he does not know what to say. He is terribly unpracticed at this.

'I come because...I am not sure. I have questions. And since you appear to know Javert as well as anyone here, and are also a member of the security force, it would seem you are the person to ask.'
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He takes the water with a nod of thanks, but does not sit.

'You did not tell me he had been attacked while in this place. Of course, it is his business. But I feel, given our last conversation, that it is something you might have mentioned.'

He is still polite as he says this, as he ever is. But there is a hint of steel to it too. He is more than capable of being listened to, should need arise.
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Most of this is entirely lost on Valjean, and it shows. It is clear he does not know any details.

'We do not know he threw himself into the river,' he points out, calmly.

'That is an assumption I will not make, unless hearing it from Javert himself.'

Which he is sure he will never do. And does not want to either, because then he would have to hear the reasons for it. It seems the man may be far more mad than he ever realised.

'My point is not regarding the rules of this bar, though I hear it is possible mind control was used. Having met the vampire in question myself, I would not be surprised to learn it is true. My point is that if your assumption is correct, and that Javert harmed himself, then he should not have been allowed to be harmed further.'

He did not save his life so that vampires could use him for supper.

'I have told you I do not know him well, and it is the truth. But I believe I know him well enough to say that he would not willingly allow himself to be used in this way. You are on Security. I have no doubt you know your job. I-'

He falters here. He does not mean to make accusations. Indeed, he hardly knows what he feels at all.
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'I do not wish to know anything personal about it. It would be most uncomfortable for both he and I.'

For so many reasons.

He sighs, and attempts to make himself understood.

'The last time I saw Javert, he was not himself. I did not wish to tell you this - it is his business, and I do not understand it myself. But from what you have said about his apparent change already, I feel duty-bound to add...he indicated something else, earlier. That I had annoyed him, and he would rather I kill him than set him free.'

Which does not mean he threw himself into the river, as far as Valjean is concerned. That would be insane. But it does indicate that yes, something has occurred.

'The reason I mention it is because if this is where the difficulty starts, then his state of mind has caused him to fall deeper into trouble than I would ever have expected. I do not pretend to understand why. But if, because of this, he has...if some harm has befallen him here, because of it, then-'

He spreads his hands, helplessly.

He does not want to be responsible for this. Not if Javert did not make a willing choice to be taken away. If he was taken advantage of, then there is a reason he would have been able to have been.

'Forgive me. I do not mean to imply blame. I simply wish to understand what happened, so amends can be made.'
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This sounds like something else he does not want to touch. Whatever goes on between Javert and those of his acquaintance, it is no business of his. He holds his hands up to indicate this.

'Please, no. If he and and this vampire are...whatever they are, I do not need to know. It is the cause that worries me.'

He lapses to silence for a moment.

'I do not think it so easy to infer. He has rarely been as simple. But no matter; I do not need to know more. Enough that it has happened. I will...I will have to speak with him.'

He knew he would have to. But now he knows it, and it is still not a pleasant prospect.
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If a wire brush were on hand, he would indeed take it at this point. Good Lord, he never imagined - no, he will not think of it. It is not important.

Instead, he thinks of a time where Javert was only too willing to speak, and wondering if he should want him to return to it. He has known the man to always talk much, and say little, but it clear that things are different now.

'You may ask.'
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He thinks hard about this. He feels himself being pulled into something - something he has absolutely no desire to be part of. But if he must, he must. One cannot pick and choose where help is most needed. Still, he is loathe to agree to tell perfect strangers details he himself is not sure of.

'And the second?'
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'I will not press the subject.'

He most certainly does not wish to press any subject. Well, that is clear. But he is too preoccupied with the notion of the man no longer being whole in soul; for the first time, there is a hint of curiosity to his thoughts, above and beyond the desire to right a possible wrong.

'I apologise for drawing you back into this, Teja. I simply did not know who else to ask. I cannot promise to be of any help to him - if it is as you say, and he left this place at the mention of my name, I may only make it worse. I will not press him. I will do what is best, even if it means withdrawing entirely, and speaking to him only when it is necessary to conclude our business in our own world.'
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'And you are admirable because of it. I have the feeling you will be far more useful in this than I will manage to be.'

He sighs, just a little, and sets his empty cup down.

'I will not agree to speak to the doctor until I have spoken to Javert. It is not fair to decide anything about him, without the man himself being heard. And if he asks me to go away, and never speak to him again, I expect I will heed him.'

Even he, he thinks, would not be able to resist such an invitation. To walk away from arrest, after years of being persued? He does not think he is strong enough to refuse the chance. Not if it means he will be able to stay with Cosette.

But then, he does not truly believe - even now - that Javert will allow this. In truth, he has no idea what he will do, or say, or how such a meeting will progress.
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He raises an eyebrow here - something else is expected to happen? But that is not his affair either, and he will not pry into any further circumstances without first meeting his old adversary.

'That is your choice, of course. Tell me then, how I will recognise this doctor, should the need to meet with him arise.'
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'Thank you. I will give the matter some thought. And again, I thank you for speaking with me on this subject.'

He bows shortly, and then straightens his coat.

'No doubt we will meet again. Good evening, Teja.'
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'I should like that very much.'

If there is ever such a time where dire, painful things do not rear their heads.

'But you are right; it seems it is God's will to have us delay. So be it. There is time enough.'

A smile then, brief but genuine, and he slips out of the door.
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