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OOM: After Carlotta's wedding

After he returns from Carlotta's wedding, Teja feels weary to the bone.

The unholy mess with Fern, and the need to avoid Demeter, have taken all the fight out of him, for the moment.

Upon returning, he doesn't go straight up to his room; he goes outside and sits on one of the lawn tables with a rough clay cup of mead beer, looking at the night sky while drinking quietly.

From somewhere out of the night, a small grey cat comes to casually sit beside him.

He picks up the cat, and holds him in his arms, and buries his face in the soft face for a moment.

Count smells of hay and of horses, and of the forge-fire.
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Demeter is sitting on the ground at the edge of the garden and Ferdinand is leaning against her.

She's singing quietly to him in Greek, its a sad song of a wedding that started a war and men and gods who forgot how to listen.
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Ferdinand nudges Demeter to make him more a lap and she stops her song and says again in Greek,

"You're good at asking for what you want, little cat. I'd like no more wars and hurt. Protecting those we love is so complicated. Too much one way and they're not free, too much the other way and you can't do anything."
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It's her language and will always be the one she comes back to. As he speaks it, she turns and Ferdinand meows at him,

"Life and love are tricky enough without adding more to them. We need to trust each other enough to say, I'll catch you if you fall, go fly. She made the compromise when I wished to keep the world Winter."
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"Can we find a compromise, Teja with our two stubborn selves? I think the cats believe we will,"

She provides enough space for both cats to sit on her if they'd like.
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"No, we aren't. I don't want to lose you, but it did hurt to hear you speaking of old and painful ideas and sound as if you embraced them,"

He had seemed to have changed in his time here and it hurt to hear him calling desire something cruel.
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Now she smiles, this was what she had hoped to hear him say before and turns towards him,

"Oh good, I know why you were so grim before Milliways but don't go back to that. You were unhappy then. I also don't need to protect Orpheus, I care for him, but he doesn't need me to do that."
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"Let's not talk about it then, if he wishes more to happen, it will be with Security. I have done too much already,"

She stands up with the cats meowing but coming with her to hug him. It is not her place to decide if what happened was right or wrong as she wasn't there. Teja's harsh judgement had seemed to encompass more than Orpheus, which angered her.
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"I will tell Belar to ignore my note and we can work to put this behind us. One reason I'm glad to know you, Teja is you care so about those you know."