ostro_goth: (Gotland)
Teja son of Tagila ([personal profile] ostro_goth) wrote2012-06-15 05:52 pm

RP post: In Gotland with Kate Barlow

The door opens as if out of a hillside; and below the hill, a farm nestles.

In it centre, there's a large long-house built from field-stones and large beams, thatched in reed and low-eaved; around it, there are outbuildings: baking oven, smithy, chicken coop, storage and the like. Cows, sheep and goats are grazing on the hills around; there are chickens and geese in the yard, and horses in a meadow.

Children are playing hide-and-seek among the buildings, and two tall burly men, one older and one younger, are hard at work at the smithy, mending sickles and scythes.

It is the early evening.

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