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RP post: sandbox side continuity with reindeer-games!Loki in -- in the forge

Teja is in the forge, cleaning up shelves and throwing away notes of past projects, and broken things.

Paper goes in the fire, metal goes into the crucible.

While he does so, the Goth is deeply worried, and broods. There has never been such a dangerous being in the cells as Loki is. If Teja could only hate him, then there would be much less reason for this gnawing dread in his heart. But Teja respects Loki still, as a god of his people, and one that the tales have dealt a harsh and unfair deal, at that.

Teja would see him redeemed, and stand out in the sun and know that he is free in this place: - not a god and ruler, but free from his bonds, like any other.

But chances are, if any takes down the magic barrier, and opens that cage, then this place is doomed yet again from the uncontrollable rage of a completely crazed god.

Teja would give him a chance, but cannot risk endangering all whose safety is his duty.

At least, the god was reading the last time Teja checked, from afar.

There is none here that Teja knows of, none! that might tell with any certainty when it may be safe to let Loki go. For what healer of broken minds may gauge a god??

Teja sighs deeply, his heart filled with pity, and throws another page of provisional book-keeping upon the fire.
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Charles is tired, his talk last night with Loki has stayed with him and he found himself worrying at everyone. When he found a door, he quickly slipped through it and then out to the back as he doesn't want the press of minds.

As he walks, he hears Teja's thoughts and comes over to the forge and looks in just as it starts to rain, "I hope I'm not bothering you, but its raining."

He came out in just shirtsleeves as he had been heading towards his room when he found a door.
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"No, I don't mind it at all. Cleaning always requires a mess at some point," The mental image of Loki is striking and quite familiar from last night and Charles mentally winces as he steps into the forge.

It feels like Teja is holding a lot in and he's one of the few here who would consider Loki as something more than an alien but perhaps a god.

"Have you had a chance to speak with the newest prisoner in the cells? I was thinking that you must be one of the few here who sees him as he thinks of himself, a god above men."
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"He's in pain and doesn't know what else to do with it except lash out. I've offered to listen to him but was rebuffed. I hope though that in time he might ask for me,"

As it was clear that Charles broke through something when he was able to speak in Loki's mind.
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"I'm a telepath and I try to use that to help others as I can. Here I can do it openly which I can't do at home,"

Though he's working on that aspect of things but its hard.
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"Yes, I can, though it doesn't take much to see that he's hurt and hiding in his own anger. He does have strong shields but something in the cells helps me to get through them,"

As Loki's shields are on the edge of what Charles can penetrate.
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"I think it will take time before he's willing to accept help, but I do believe its possible. No one is lost forever."
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"Yes and his armor is anger that's become how he defines himself. It will take a long time but I think his anger can be softened and his pain healed,"

Loki has centuries of anger and pain built up and that doesn't go away easily.
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"He is used to shaping the world around himself, it takes time to adjust to not having that work. He needs time to realize what's changed and from there he might be willing to acknowledge his pain."
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"Yes, I plan on continuing to talk to him as I have a good friend who lives in anger. I know there are ways through and no one should be alone."
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"He yelled at me a few times but there was no foaming at the mouth."
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"I see, no, he didn't spit at me,"

It was an interesting conversation as it was clear that Charles wasn't what Loki expected.
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Charles considers the fire before he answers, that seems a weak difference to focus on,

"Good, but it will be long and difficult work and he has to want it. I know he's slightly more open now but its up to him."
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"I'll keep trying and I would recommend that you do as well. Show him he's wanted and not alone as that will make a difference,"

Its those simple acts that can do more than all the words in the world.
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"I'd recommend actually bringing him more complex works. Books on philosophy and science, show him what humanity has gone, get him thinking beyond himself."
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"Then don't bring him books about nuclear science. I think its wise to show him the complexity of humanity."
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"Yes, I hope that will do some good. He clearly thinks of us as simple and showing them we're not might be useful."
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"Yet, he is also a man in pain. Can you see him as that first and the god second? I think it will help."
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Charles sighs and rubs his face before saying,

"I'm a quite powerful telepath, humanity is not as weak as you think. He is only as dangerous as you give him power to be."
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"I was able to make it through his mental shields and his mind is still the mind of a man. Yes, a man powerful in strange and different ways but he is not that different from you or I. If he knows you hold him above yourself, he will use that."
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"Yet you consider him a god and thus expect more of him than you would of a man. Treat him as one or the other but I recommend the former if you wish to help him."
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"Yes, that's the idea. To show him that we are not cowed by him, which will create respect enough that in time he might wish to speak to us on a different level."
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"True, but the scale and scope of that can be changed. He's in pain and full of anger and needs to be shown there are other ways to approach relationships."
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"There is no other word to use. All interactions are at their heart relationships, which require building connections and trust."
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"Yes, as I said before this will take time but I think he can change."
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"Thank you, yes," Then he'll go inside and face the problems waiting in his world.