ostro_goth: (Gotland)
Teja son of Tagila ([personal profile] ostro_goth) wrote2011-04-25 10:48 pm

OOM: bringing plants and pots, with Demeter

Count had decided to stay in Milliways and chase demonic rabbits, so among the things Teja carries down the barrow-hill, there is no cat, this time. But there are many other things: his harp, some pots Demeter prepared, and a satchel full of clanging tools he had promised Wachis to bring.

It is a beautiful day this time, early afternoon in bright spring, with fruit trees in bloom and flowers open in the meadows. From the farm, little Hilde is racing towards them when she sees them, as she had been playing with the kittens in front of the longhouse' door.

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