Oct. 2nd, 2013

ostro_goth: (x Forge - fiery)
Teja works into the night today.

He has sent his helper away much earlier, and closed the forge; but he has been thinking about the billet that delaminated the other day again this evening. He took it in his stride at the time, but it still irks.

He is in the forge now, re-smelting that metal, the smaller smelter set up by the forge-fire.

The door is standing ajar; but the cats are out hunting mice in the stables. Teja is observing the process, even though there is nothing to see at the moment. It is as if he was thinking himself into the smelter, willing it to work.

When he tears his mind away for a moment, he files upon a small piece of mokumegane which is smooth and lovely, but as yet not of any recognisable shape for either ornament or implement.-
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