May. 24th, 2012

ostro_goth: (Despairing)
Teja is in the forge, cleaning up shelves and throwing away notes of past projects, and broken things.

Paper goes in the fire, metal goes into the crucible.

While he does so, the Goth is deeply worried, and broods. There has never been such a dangerous being in the cells as Loki is. If Teja could only hate him, then there would be much less reason for this gnawing dread in his heart. But Teja respects Loki still, as a god of his people, and one that the tales have dealt a harsh and unfair deal, at that.

Teja would see him redeemed, and stand out in the sun and know that he is free in this place: - not a god and ruler, but free from his bonds, like any other.

But chances are, if any takes down the magic barrier, and opens that cage, then this place is doomed yet again from the uncontrollable rage of a completely crazed god.

Teja would give him a chance, but cannot risk endangering all whose safety is his duty.

At least, the god was reading the last time Teja checked, from afar.

There is none here that Teja knows of, none! that might tell with any certainty when it may be safe to let Loki go. For what healer of broken minds may gauge a god??

Teja sighs deeply, his heart filled with pity, and throws another page of provisional book-keeping upon the fire.
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